We all know the current situation in Bangladesh is not the way it has been 2 weeks ago. This is a time of crisis, a global one, a pandemic engulfing the whole world. We believe, we, Bangladeshis are still possessing patriotic sentiments in our hearts. We are also known for our religious practices whatever the religion be.

We all are now facing the challenge of restricting the spread of Covid-19. So it is our social responsibility to help our community, to protect our community, to save our dear ones. So we as a group are trying to fight this together. We all know United we stand, divided we fall.

Our program is focused to provide PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to 100 Doctors including nurses because nurses are also the contact persons so they are exposed to be infected.

We have targeted a Hospital and an institute where the number of pneumonia patients are more.As we know the symptoms of Covid-19 resembles with the symptoms of Pneumonia.

Our target :
National Institute of Diseases the Chest and Hospital (NIDCH), Mohakhali, Dhaka.
Nursing Institute under Department of Nursing Midwifery, Shere Bangla Nagar, Dhaka.

Kernel Foundation will be instrumental in this fight. We will utilize all the available links to procure the PPE from China. Each PPE will cost BDT. 1,350 Only.

If you are indeed capable of making a change for the betterment of our countrymen than here are the details :


1. Bkash number:

(a) 01762694455 - Personal

(b) 01921088662 - Personal

(c) 01521331263 - Personal

(d) 01842183073 - Personal


2. Bank Account

Account name: Kernel Foundation

Account Number - 00433011219

Bank Asia

Gulshan Branch.


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