How you can donate:

This is you, we need to accelerate the development process. We need all of your help, your financial help, your expertise volunteered or even you can send us new or old useful products which may be helpful for helpless poor people of our country. Your help keeps our morale high and we further penetrate to address social issues and provide relief to our society. You can send us your gifts, love tokens, financial aids to the following address.

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$ 1 = ৳ 85 (Subject to fluctuate)

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How we will utilize your donations:

We make public our policy on refund and cancellation of donations received for the social cause on payment gateway as under:-

  • No refund/cancellation for the donated amount by any donor will not be entertained, the online donations through the online payment gateway.

  • No cash or refund of money will be allowed.

  • If any in-kind support received by the donor from anywhere the material will be reached to the poorest of the poorer communities.

  • Once received the donation for a cause will not be refunded to the donor. No cancellation to be made. The donation will be used for community development, children education or women’s empowerment.

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