According to WFP, although there has been significant improvement in Bangladesh's food security indicators, around 40 million of its people are food-insecure. This includes about 11 million people suffering from acute hunger. Around a third of children are stunted, reflecting poor nutrition early in life.

A full plate of food filled with the goodness of nutrients is nourishing, gives one strength; both bodily and mental, keeps one active and free from diseases. One of the most important aspect for any kind of development is taking care of children, enabling them to grow up healthy. But the prevailing situation in India speaks otherwise, we have constantly failed to provide the most basic care to our children, providing healthy meals to them which results in stunted growth, malnourishment etc.

Whether a children don’t get to eat at all; often they can found lurking behind garbage bins hunting for food or begging in the streets to feed themselves, he do not or cannot afford an education. They are either engaged in some sort of labor or simply loiter in the hunt for food.

This initiative aims to feed acute hunger child and provide proper nutrition to prevent their drop out. The influence of nutrition on education is often ignored, thereby deeming it necessary to highlight the relevance.

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