Health levels remain relatively low in Bangladesh, although other fields have massively improved recently and poverty levels have decreased. People of rural area of the country has very low access of health rights as they very law opportunities to visit a doctors when they need. The Foundation under the SVDM working to ensure health rights of villagers for successful achievement of SDGs.


Improve health status of village

Provide primary health care and health consultancy for marginalized community. 

Health development in every village

  • Working as complements Government’s efforts in reaching SDGs goals

  • Develop health center in every village

  • Supervision of union community health center through engaging community people in CSO and CBO


We want to work targeting single village to ensure 100% enrollment, dropout free that village taking following initiatives:

  • Conducting study and social mapping to identify every single children and maintaining database for every village

  • Identify people who at risk of health and cannot get treatment

  • Identifying every single child from marginalized poor and vulnerable family who are in risk of health

  • Taking initiative for getting treatment from upazila and union health center

  • Providing treatment cost for poor people of particular village

  • Donate education cost of whole year

  • Campaign for providing free health consultancy in every month through prominent doctors in targeted villages.

  • Ambulance support for villager in every time

  • Establishing Community Based Organization (CBO) and Civil Society Organization (CSO) in village level for monitoring union community health center.

  • CBO and CSO will work for ensuring positive utilization of community health center.

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