Project বৃক্ষঃ

Scientists predict that climate change will lead to different environmental issues and disasters to become more critical. Rapid rising temperature will increase the risk of natural disasters. Climate change is playing a dangerous role to raise rates and intensity of cyclones and surges. Sudden heavy rainfall, sudden flood drought, intolerable temperature, rising sea level and salinity are occurring as a result of climate change. We have to take urgent action to reduce the risk of climate change. To reduce climate change and its risk we must reduce carbon emission through forestation and tree plantation.

Thousands of student are currently studying in schools. Every year approximately 25lac students enroll for the public examination in all over the country. They have to follow a number of rules for getting eligibility for the exams. So if there have been additional rule such as each student has to implant two trees for getting the certificates then every year we can afford around 50lac tree implanted in all over the country that will hugely contribute to the climate change combat.

In continuation of this, the Karnal Foundation has taken up an initiative through Tree Plantation, one of their school-based development projects where every school student under this project has to plant at least two trees to get their test certificate. The trees will be handed over to each school committee by the Foundation for their own funding.


Foundation is planning to start a non-formal second chance education centre in all over the country in future but initially at Dulalpur from this year. Where dropped out school students will be admitted and facilitated all education cost in exchange of Tree Plantation (gacher binimoye shikkha kormosuchi).

This will be a contractual agreement among institution, student and the foundation. Moreover, the foundation set Plastic Bank in the institution where the student puts plastic wastage in exchange for chocolate and chips

Under this program, the Foundation will establish Tree Bank where anyone can sponsor seedling for students. These trees will be given to poor students in the near future in the further part of this project. When sufficient bottles will be collected in a plastic bank. These will be used for Plastic Wall surrounding the trees. And it will be done by the students.


  • Prevent drop out and ensure quality education:


Under the agreement, the Foundation will monitor the quality and status of education students and work for preventing drop out. Foundation has rights to take over ownership of the tree if the student or his family stop his study. For this reason, a student will not stop their education.

  • Economic growth


After 10 years, the price of 20 trees will be approximately 300000 taka. Students and his family will get 210000 taka of this. It will be a big economic growth of these poor families.

  • Climate change combat


For instance, store and capture carbon and play a vital role in the world's carbon flux. Forests influence water flows in watersheds' hydrological cycles. Crucial for downstream water supply. They are the most important habitat of the world's terrestrial biodiversity.

  • Prevention of plastic pollution


Plastic does not destroy in 500 years and it is polluting warer and soil that is alarming. It is also very harmful for soil, water and human life. By congregating of plastic, we will protect our country and environment from plastic pollution.

  • Prevent land degradation and drought

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