Padma Bridge Resettlement Project Study
by KERNEL Foundation

Resettlement & Social Sustainability

Preparation of Land Acquisition Plan (LAP)

Our expert team provide works on the following area to provide support for the preparation of LAP:

  • Collecting the cadastral & Mouza Maps (RS and BS) and checking/Review of these;

  • Collecting ‘Cha’ form, ‘Uma’ form, Field book (‘Gha’ form), Land Schedule and Khatian Number with name and case number;

  • To survey the land along the Right of Position of Projects in the presence of representatives of DC offices to determine the actual quantity of the land, status of the land including the listing of landowners;

  • Preparation of Layout plan with appropriate scale;

  •  Preparation and identification of Route/position of projects in trenching clothes showing relevant installations along the route/position;

  •  Taking still picture and video of the land along with structure and trees in the consultation with DC offices;

  • Collection of Land Rate, Structure Rate and Crops Rate etc.;

  • Preparation of estimates in respect of compensation, land, standing crops, trees, structure, forest etc.;

  • Preparation of all notices (under Selection 4, 7, 8 for acquisition and 20(i) and 8 for requisition);

  • Preparation of documents (plan) for land acquisition and requisition as per Act 2017.

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